Gracie Barra Week 11 Self Defense Against Strikes, Guard, Open Guard

It’s Week 11 at Gracie Barra Denver and we’ll be learning Self Defense Against Strikes in our adults classes, Jiu Jitsu Guard, and Open Guard.  Do you know how to defend yourself against strikes from an attacker? Also learn some of jiu jitsu’s most basic but effective techniques including guard. Drop in for a Free class if you’re nearby. Doing Jiu jitsu is a great opportunity to enhance confidence, get fit and just have fun.

In our children’s Jiu Jitsu program for week 11, we’ll be studying Hair pulling escapes, backpack pulling escapes, ground techniques. It’s always fantastic week to start training jiu- jitsu.

Call us at 303-351-1158 or email Click here to schedule a free class.