Ground Game Highlights: Week 7 at Gracie Barra Denver

Week 7 at Gracie Barra Denver brought exciting strides in our ground game techniques. From mastering ground strikes to perfecting leg grabs and guard play, every session was a dynamic journey of growth and camaraderie.

Ground Strikes:
We focused on precision strikes from various positions, honing our ability to deliver powerful blows while maintaining control over opponents.

Leg Grabs:
Exploring takedowns and sweeps, we mastered the art of seizing control and dictating match flow from the ground up, emphasizing timing and technique.

Guard Mastery:
Fine-tuning defensive and offensive strategies, we strengthened our guard game from closed to butterfly guard, seeking opportunities to sweep, submit, or transition effectively.

Week 7 showcased not only technical growth but also the supportive community that defines Gracie Barra Denver. Together, we celebrate victories, embrace challenges, and cherish moments of progress. Here’s to continued growth and achievement on and off the mats!

See you at the dojo!