Starting Week One Curriculum at Gracie Barra Denver: Embracing Leadership and Technique

Welcome to week one of our new curriculum at Gracie Barra Denver! This week, we focus on essential techniques and the theme of leadership in Jiu-Jitsu.

This Week’s Focus

Standing Strike We’ll master the basics of standing strikes, emphasizing form, power, and defense.

Transitions to the Guard Smooth transitions are crucial. We’ll practice moving from standing to guard and between different guard types.

Sacrifice Throws These powerful techniques use your body weight to take down opponents effectively.

Sweeps from Guard Developing a dynamic guard game with fundamental sweeps to reverse positions.

Word of the Week: Leadership

Leadership in Jiu-Jitsu means:

  1. Leading by Example: Demonstrating discipline, respect, and dedication.

  2. Empowering Others: Sharing knowledge and encouraging teammates.

  3. Building Community: Creating a supportive, inclusive environment.

  4. Personal Growth: Striving for self-improvement and inspiring others.

Let’s embody leadership, encourage each other, and make this week a powerful beginning. See you on the mats!

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