Week 1 – Standing Strike, Guard Transitions and More

We are back to Week #1 of the Gracie Barra Curriculum! Week #1 will bring us back to our fundamentals & help start again from the beginning to build the best version of our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!! Stay up to date with our weekly Curriculum posted here on our website and be sure to check out our Instagram as we grow!!

Week #1 GB Fundamentals will learn how to recover guard from bottom side-control, pull guard from standing & the scissor sweep. The drill this week for GB1 classes will be a flow working through the guard pull & scissor sweep with your partner. Later in the week students will learn to escape mount, an X choke from closed guard, & continue working on the guard pull from a standing position. Specific training will be started from closed guard.

GBK Juniors & Little Champs II will work on distance management, a foot sweep, & a guard position. The Sweep this week will be the instructors choice.

GBK Tiny Champs & Little Champs I will learn to use their Judo Grips to Off-Balance opponents, as well as Guard Control with collar grips.

Let’s make this week about self-improvement! We hope to see y’all on the mats!