Week 14 at Gracie Barra Denver!

Week 14 at Gracie Barra Denver: Mastering Headlocks, Throws, and Side Mount Control

Welcome to Week 14 of training at Gracie Barra Denver! This week, we’re diving into three crucial areas to elevate your game: headlocks, hip and hand throws, and how to have strong side control.


  • Escaping Headlocks: Master escape techniques for quick and safe exits.

Hip and Hand Throws

  • Hip Throws: Develop the mechanics and timing for powerful throws.
  • Hand Throws: Utilize leverage and momentum for effective hand throws.

Side Control

  • Securing Side Control: Establish a dominant position.
  • Maintaining Control: Prevent escapes and transitions.
  • Setting Up Submissions: Transition from side mount to submission opportunities.

Join us this week to enhance your grappling skills and improve your overall game. Consistency and dedication are key to progress, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner.