Week 15 Jiu Jitsu Curriculum- Ground Strike, Leg Grabs, & Guard

This is Week 15 of the Gracie Barra Curriculum! We will focus on a Takedown to start and Guard Pass within each class.

Tiny Champs & Little Champs I will learn break fall variations to learn the safest way to break their fall, a 1-arm-under pass, and a Single Leg Takedown with Grips.

The Little Champs II and Juniors classes will learn another Headlock escape and the same moves as Tiny Champs / Little Champs I.

GB1 Fundamentals Class A will learn to block a front kick & an elbow. Students will learn to Open the Guard standing and perform a Leg Drag Guard Pass. The Class A drill will consist of the same guard pass. Specific training all week will surround Guard. Class B Fundamentals will learn an additional method of blocking strikes, a different Guard Passing technique & drills that will be similar to those in Class A. We will finish with specific training.

GB All-Levels classes this week will cover a Single Leg Takedown Defense, a Guard pass standing with a cross grip. Lastly, All-Levels students will learn a Guard Pass to Knee on Belly position.

We are almost done with the 16-Week curriculum and will be back to Week 1 soon! Be sure to come in and train this week to keep progressing in your Jiu-Jitsu Journey!