Week 16 at Gracie Barra Denver: Mastering Foot Throws and Knee on Belly

Welcome to Week 16 at Gracie Barra Denver! This week, we focused on two crucial techniques to enhance your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game: foot throws and the knee on belly position.

Foot Throws: Precision and Balance

Ouchi Gari (Major Inner Reap)

  • Maintain a strong grip on the collar and sleeve.
  • Step forward and hook your opponent’s leg from the inside.
  • Use your body to drive through and complete the throw.

Knee on Belly: Control and Pressure

Establishing the Position

  • Transition from side control or mount.
  • Place your knee on the opponent’s abdomen, with the other foot on the mat.
  • Keep your posture upright and hands ready to defend or attack.

Applying Pressure

  • Distribute weight through your knee for control.
  • Adjust pressure based on opponent’s reactions.

Transitioning and Attacking

  • Transition to other positions, like mount or back control.
  • Set up submissions like armbar, kimura, or chokes.


Incorporating these techniques improves your versatility, balance, and control. Foot throws offer effective takedown options, while knee on belly enhances pressure and dominance over opponents.


Week 16 has been enriching with a focus on foot throws and knee on belly techniques. These skills are invaluable additions to your BJJ practice. Keep practicing and stay committed to see significant improvements in your game. See you on the mats!

Stay tuned for next week’s recap at Gracie Barra Denver.

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