Week 6 – Headlocks, Hip/Hand Throws, & Back/Turtle

This week our GB1 All levels classes will work on the Tani Otoshi takedown. After the takedown Professors will show a Kimura from Closed Guard. Specific training will surround the Closed guard position after the Kimura. To finish students will learn to recover the Guard position from Turtle.

Tiny Champs will work on Distance Management + a headcover. Afterward, they will learn a block & a body lock takedown.

Little champs will start with the same as the tiny champs until the body lock takedown. After the Body Lock Students will learn a back escape by sliding their shoulders to the mats.

Juniors this week will start with a Headlock escape. Afterward, students will learn to recover Guard from the turtle position.

We hope to see y’all on the mats soon & if you have not tried a class yet give us a call to set one up!