Week 8 – Clinches & Holds, Foot Throws, Side-Mount

Our GBK classes will cover side mount controls, & two choke escapes. Most of our kid’s classes will learn the same techniques surrounding side mount! Students will finish the class with some matches and specific training!

The Fundamentals classes this week will start with clinches. Next students will learn the headlock takedown, wrist control, and armbar. The Sports Jiu-Jitsu part of the class will cover a transition to the Mount, and a Paper cutter choke. Later in the week, we will have a flow drill and specific training from the side mount. We will also sneak in a spinning armbar this week! Join a class and see what I am talking about!

GB All-Levels classes will start with an inside hook takedown with grips. After takedowns, students will learn a transition from side control to mount. Students will finish off with a paper cutter choke submission.

GB2 Advanced classes will start with a stand-up technique. This week’s class will begin with a foot sweep and inside hook takedown. The advanced ground technique is a side control escape and a choke from side control. We will finish with specific training.

We hope you all enjoy the classes this week!